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About Me

jeremiah andrews photography

Enough about you, I wanna’ talk about me …

I am a storyteller. Not in the conventional sense of printed word on paper; no, I tell your story with my images. I am able to capture your passions, loyalty, taste for adventure, that feisty streak, or goofball sense of humor … but, most of all, I pride myself on capturing the timeless essence of your love.

My portraits of clients’ special moments (engagement, wedding, family, high school senior, etc.) are repeatedly regarded as “creative”, “unconventional”, and “artistic”. And isn’t that what you are looking for? Breathtaking snapshots of your most important moments; Images that you, your friends, and family are drawn too … pictures they cannot stop looking at or talking about.

My clients become friends … and, I don’t know about you, but I have fun with my friends!

I will set you at ease, get you to laugh, and make you forget you are even in front of a camera. That’s when I sneak in a candid shot (or five). I am able to do all of this and maintain a professional attitude that even your (soon to be) mother-in-law won’t fuss about. Yeah, that’s just my style.

True, I come by most of my inspiration naturally. I was raised by an artist and accomplished businessman. I, too, am a son, brother, husband, and father. And, I love, love. I love to feel it, I love to see it, and I love to create visual stories about it.

I have a passion for travel. In fact, I have spent most of my life exploring and enjoying life living in the Pacific Northwest, including Northern Idaho. I have always been domestically adventurous, but I have recently begun traveling the world. In fact, I am always on the lookout for a new location for my next photo-journalistic adventure. Perhaps it could be your exotic wedding location? Believe me, I am up to the challenge!

Of course, I spend time honing my technical craft too. An artist is always growing and expanding … during the 10 years I have been an independent, professional photographer I have continually sought to learn how to be a more excellent artist and more emotionally evocative storyteller. I use on the best equipment and software. I study up-and-coming professional techniques and I share my knowledge with my peers. I have been a keynote speaker at Montana Professional Photographer’s Association, and have given talks at Wedding and Portrait Photographers International’s (WPPI) convention in conjunction with Black River Imaging.

My commitment of excellence to you … I will go out of my way to ensure that you have fun making beautiful, lasting memories.