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What My Clients Say

What My Clients Say

Urban Edgewater Wedding in Seattle

What the peeps be sayin'

“Jeremiah Andrews was such a great guy to work with- both for our wedding photos as well as our family photos. We chose Jeremiah because he is not your normal pretty back drop photographer. While the back drops are usually beautiful, its the artwork of the photograph that makes the picture. It takes a special eye to capture what he does. He also took a lot of stress off me during our wedding day because of his fun, outgoing personality. I would (and have) recommend Jeremiah Andrews Photography to anyone and everyone!” - Darin and Rachael Shelley

“I hired Jeremiah for my wedding last June and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a fun yet professional photographer. I found him to be creative and refreshing. He has an artists eye and a God given talent. For us he was the perfect mix of artistry and customer service; using his creativity to find what only his eye could detect and also pleasing us with our desired shots. He captured the beauty of our day wonderfully and i would not hesitate to use him again.” - Travis and Kelly Cottier

“My husband and I discovered Jeremiah at a bridal festival in Spokane. After looking at all the photographers, we finally decided on Jeremiah. We chose him for two reasons. We knew that his fun personality would help ease the stress of our wedding day, and he wouldn’t be in our faces all day driving us crazy. We were also drawn to his photographs. They are beautiful, artistic, and so creative. He photographed our wedding at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Our pictures were gorgeous!! He took great pictures at the hotel and also made use of interesting areas around downtown Spokane. The pictures perfectly captured our personalities and the emotions of the day. We couldn’t have asked for better pictures or a better experience. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.” - Ryan and Anna Gamble

"Jeremiah Andrews did our family photos twice now. The second time around went above and beyond what I thought was already perfection. He captured the very essence of our family, something I had never experienced with other photographers. The way he chose the setting of our photos, how he manipulated the light outside, was pure magic. I would recommend him to anyone ready to break out of the Sears photographer mold. I guarantee you won’t be sorry. I can’t wait to do it again!" - The Ramirez Family

“Jeremiah’s photographic eye is incredible! He came with us to Waterton, Alberta, Canada and did our outside wedding pictures near the Prince of Wales Hotel. The day was a little stormy, but he made the weather an advantage instead of a disadvantage. We would and do recommend Jeremiah to everyone. He is creative and fun! Thanks for the awesome memories of our wedding, we have them all over our house!!!” - Steve and Deb Keeton

"Jeremiah did my wedding photos. We LOVE his work! He was also really good to work with and had lots of creative ideas. I have already recommend him to two of my friends which one of them used him and he was booked on the other friends date. I would love for him to do family pics sometime for us. I will continue to recommend him to friends and family, and I hope to work with him again sometime!" - Derek and Amy Brown

"Jeremiah photographed our wedding. We had a blast working with him and so did all of our families. We recommend him to one of our friends and to our little sister. They both used him and they loved working with him as well. We are now expecting our first child in July and would love to utilize his talent to do some first time ever family photos this summer or fall." - Paul and Lynette Smith