Veteran Spokane Valley High School Senior Photo Guy
High School Seniors

Veteran Spokane Valley High School Senior Photo Guy

Senior Pictures.  Ugh.  Right?   No!!  Oh my gosh we love senior photos.  This is the year, the last year kids have to really be kids.  The last year before they are pushed out to go make it in the world.  We all know the world does not allow us to smile everyday unless we make it that way. Kids though, can find that smile, and we search to bring it out in them.  Most clients who hire us are looking for personalities to be captured as well as making a photography session fun.  Fun is what we do.  Of course we do the pictures for Mom and Dad, and Grandma with some standard portraiture, however it does not WOO us as much as humor.  This particular senior was a total goofball.  We like Goofballs.  A couple of times during the session she lost her balance.  So of course I took it to the next level and wanted to show that about her in a photo.  Not only was it one of her favorite photos, it was her families as well.  

This image was captured down by the Spokane River at Mirabeau Falls park in Spokane Valley, Washington.  

Location: Mirabeau Falls Park, Spokane Valley, Wa.