Outside Of The Box Engagement Photos Not Just The Norm
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Outside Of The Box Engagement Photos Not Just The Norm

Many of years ago it was customary to not smile for photos. Most likely because to take a photo, the photographer would have to set it up and use a very long exposure. A lot has changed over the years and with the age of digital photography. Boy, am I glad it has. Jeremiah Andrews Photography encourages silliness and laughter in almost every session. This particular image was a very spontaneous idea I had based on a meme I had seen days before. It was a child with his face on a window, moving the power window up and down. When my clients arrived for their time in front of my camera I knew what was going to happen next. I had just did some changing of frames from some movie posters I had in my theater room, and happen to have a piece of plexiglass lying around. This picture makes me smile every time I look at it. I enjoyed it so much, as well as my clients, that we incorporated the same idea into there wedding photos too. You can see that image in my wedding gallery. We do take some images that your Grandma would also like, however these particular images give us joy showing up to work on a daily basis.

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