Fun Bicycle Engagement Photograph CDA
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Fun Bicycle Engagement Photograph CDA

Oh, Coeur d'alene, Idaho how we do love thee in the Autumn time of the year.  Falls colors encompass this beautiful lake town for a good month or so in September and the first part of October.  When looking for great locations to photograph an engagement session you need not look further than right in your front yard. Which is exactly what we did with Jen and Justin.  This super fun couple loves to bike together and made a perfect prop to show their humor as well as love for their hobby.  The orange colors surrounded them as they got a bit goofy.  Many times couples want to go to off the grid places in the great Northwest, and sometimes that place again is right out your door.  When it comes to capturing the essence of a couple the scenery doest necessarily have to be some magnificent spot.  We like to focus on the personalities of a couple to show who they are.  Not who we want them to be for a picture.   We believe that this photo portrays what we perceive as that.  So if you are looking to not just have a photograph for your walls, but to actually see who you are, look no further than Jeremiah Andrews.  

Location: coeur d' alene, Idaho.