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Engagement photos Spokane Coeur d'alêne

Engagement photos

Meet Kylie and Matt.  Carefree and in love with each other.  After a day of rescheduling because of heavy rain we found the perfect weather we all were looking for when it came to the ideas we had for an engagement shoot.  This couple likes to hike together.  So of course we took that into consideration and found some awesome trails outside a park in Post Falls, Idaho.  I challenge myself on every session to try and do something different.  This particular photo shoot, I brought a long a couple of Pinterest ideas that I wanted to put my take on them.  I have to say the pinterest photo was pretty awesome, however, after this image was taken I was so thrilled that the image came out 10 times better than the photo I got the creative ideas from.  I believe this engagement pic is one of my favorite to date.  It captures the pure essence of love.  You can see the romance in their eyes and facial expressions.   The ring, the kiss, and well everything for me as an artist turned out with total perfection.  If you are looking for a complimentary engagement photo session we include them with all wedding packages.  Give us a call and let us create some images for you that will bring you joy and happiness for years to come.  

Location: post falls, idaho.