Destination Wedding Photography In La Crosse Wisconsin
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Destination Wedding Photography In La Crosse Wisconsin

This super-duper fun wedding was photographed in beautiful La Crosse, Wisconsin. Most of the time you think of destination weddings as some place where there is palm trees and sand, however thats not the case here. Meet Matt and Kelly - Raised in Wisconsin, they now live in Montana. Most of the guests at the wedding were also raised in Wisconsin, however many have moved after college. Which brought them all back to this lovely place, including me as their photographer. The day was a bit overcast which was wonderful for taking pictures in the park. I was walking around scouting areas to photograph the bride and groom as well as the bridal party. I came upon this stage as well as seating. It appeared to be a an outdoor theatre area. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly the photo and "posing" I wanted to accomplish. The wedding day is all about the couple and I wanted to show that at the same time incorporating the bridal party. This was one of my favorite photos from the day. If you are looking for a destination photographer who can capture your wedding day no matter how far away - look no further.

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin.